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Case Studies

Welcome to our Case Study Gallery

Discover the power of our solutions through real-world success stories. Our case studies provide a glimpse into the challenges our clients faced, the innovative strategies we employed, and the remarkable results achieved.

Effective Project Management for Facility Renovation Helps Address Compliance Concerns

Sciras consultants managed and coordinated the design, construction, and commissioning of an engineering capital project for a…

Effective Project Management
and Execution of Facility

Sciras was chosen to spearhead commissioning, qualification and holistic project management services…

Sortation Code Upgrade Enhances Sortation Functionality & Efficiency

Sciras took the lead in a Sortation Code Upgrade at two sortation hubs for a Global Logistics…

LIMS Implementation Reduces Testing Cycle Times and Dramatically Cuts Costs

After years of paper-based laboratory testing processes, our pharmaceutical client was looking to make strides in a…

Serialization and Aggregation Readiness for US Products

A Global Pharmaceutical client required the implementation of aggregation functionality for their packaging lines as part of the 2023+ Enhanced…

Global Document Management Solution Reduces Infrastructure Cost, Harmonizes Practices

The Sciras team supported the replacement of three legacy systems…

Enhancing Employee Productivity through a Customized Training Program

Sciras Team recognized that upskilling its employees was necessary to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving software development industry. However, the company faced a challenge…

Criticality Assessment of Critical Utility Components to Optimize Maintenance Cycles

Our client required an approach to categorize critical utility system components, to allow for the adjustment of…

Deviation Management Addresses Key Compliance and Production Issues for Global Client

After dealing with ongoing compliance issues, our global pharmaceutical client retained the services of Sciras to provide…

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