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  • LIMS Implementation Reduces Testing Cycle Times and Dramatically Cuts Costs

LIMS Implementation Reduces Testing Cycle Times and Dramatically Cuts Costs

LIMS Implementation Reduces Testing Cycle Times and Dramatically Cuts Costs

After years of paper-based laboratory testing processes, our pharmaceutical client was looking to make strides in a competitive industry by implementing a Laboratory Information Management System. Sciras played a key role in driving this innovative project to success.




Information Solutions


2.5 years


  • Program/Project Management
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Technical Documentation
  • Organizational Change Management


Rollout of the LIMS reduced testing cycle times, operating cost and streamlined data reporting.

Business Challenge

Our client is a global pharmaceutical company whose goal was to move from a paper-based lab operations to a paperless environment to achieve better lab workflows, visibility to testing lead times, traceability and increased compliance. Additionally, they wished to have a LIMS that was flexible to accommodate the constant changes in data collection and scientific methodology.

Our Approach

To enable the functionality, we proposed a phased approach to the project. The first phase focused on fundamental building blocks of sample management, lab workflows, product release and integration with ERP application. The second phase consisted of instrument integration and enhancements to the core platform. During this project, we worked closely with the site communication and organization management team to enable the transition to a paperless lab operations.

Results Achieved

As one of Sciras’ most significant client engagements to date, the LIMS implementation has made positive impacts for our client:

  • Lower costs and reduction in manual operations of writing data and producing reports
  • Significant reduction in cycle times in quality control testing
  • Transformed the lab operations from cumbersome manual, paper-based operations to a computer-based, paperless environment, dramatically reducing errors and leading to improved compliance status
  • Allowed the users the ability to link supporting data to batches. Seamless report generation has also enabled prioritization of critical testing activities that led to improved product testing cycle times.
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