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Why Sciras

We Take Pride in Our Talented Team


We do not shy away from putting our team members in the spotlight. We take great pride in their talents because we ensure that we recruit and retain only accomplished, diligent, and committed leaders who are equipped with diverse levels of skills and experience.

We strive to support our team members in their professional development and individual career choices. Our retention and development program is designed to ensure the advancement of their careers, professional profile, client relations, and the company itself. We value our team members’ ideas, voices and satisfaction as they are essential to the success of our company.

Benefits of Working at Sciras

To facilitate a healthy and high-performance working environment, we offer extensive benefits to all our employees. Our insurance and health plans are flexible to suit individual needs. With personal growth as our key value, we provide competitive incentives and compensation to support the continual improvement of our employees.

Competitive Salary

Paid Parental Leave

Excellent Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Large Referral Bonus

Learning Stipend

Remote Working Opportunity

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