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Program & Project Management

Effective  Project Management


Effective engineering project management becomes a critical component for project success as projects become larger and increasingly complex. Stakeholders require an improved return on investments, increased reporting and compliance to stringent regulatory processes. These external pressures along with significant spending in capital projects demand a focus on the predictability of outcomes, transparency, risk management, project controls, and the reduction of costs associated with these projects.

Less than 30% of Projects Meet Their Objectives


Research has shown that less than 30% of Information Technology & Information Solutions projects meet their objectives within their agreed schedule and cost. Ineffective IT project management results in a significant amount of capital loss, organizational turmoil and confusion, reduced productivity, and loss of morale in the workplace.

Stage Gate Approach to Manage Risk


Our team utilizes a full life cycle management method involving a stage-gate approach where approval to proceed to the subsequent phase is based on a holistic and objective evaluation of deliverables. This leads to reduced risk exposure from a scheduling, cost, quality and safety perspective, thus increasing project success rate.

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