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Sciras, was founded in 2010 with a strong commitment to making a significant impact in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving their operational improvement goals. Our primary focus has been on reducing healthcare costs while simultaneously working towards ensuring equitable access to healthcare services for all members of our communities.




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Years of Industry Experience

We are driven by our mission to empower healthcare transformation, we actively collaborate with healthcare stakeholders to foster positive change within the industry. Our goal is to enhance patient-centered care, optimize processes, and embrace innovative technologies. We strive to empower healthcare organizations to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare while striving for excellence in all our endeavors.

Our Values


Providing independent and objective advice to build a trust-based relationship. Providing fair and honest feedback to the team to help them succeed in engagements.


Taking responsibility for our work products and our ethical responsibility to you and your team. Taking responsibility for our actions that influence the lives of our fellow workers, profession, and society.

Team Development

Developing our team through robust performance management processes to provide them opportunities to excel through challenging projects, coaching, training and work-life balance.

Deliver Simple Solutions

Generating innovative solutions that will thrive in an ever-changing business environment. 

Case Studies

Our Case Studies

Are you ready to transform the way your healthcare organization operates?  Partner with Sciras and experience the expertise and solutions needed to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape. Contact us today to begin your journey toward excellence.

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