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IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Less than 30% of Projects Meet Their Objectives

Research has shown that less than 30% of Information Technology & Information Solutions projects meet their objectives within their agreed schedule and cost. Ineffective IT project management results in a significant amount of capital loss, organizational turmoil and confusion, reduced productivity, and loss of morale in the workplace.

The Solution is Robust Business Process Modeling

We strongly believe that a successful Information Technology and Information Solutions implementation starts with a robust business process modeling, which forms the basis of design for a solution, strong project management, and quality assurance practices through the life cycle. Our consultants have a strong understanding of the organizational and technical environments to build context-specific process models. They use their expertise in program and project management, and quality assurance to manage and test solutions that propel our clients to success at deployment.

Improving Lab Efficiencies & Compliance

We have delivered multiple projects with demonstrated ROI in lab operations and increased lab compliance. We support your laboratory in optimizing its operations for greater efficiency, higher compliance and paperless methods through our various service offerings.


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