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Case Study

Revitalizing Facilities, Seamless Operation

Sciras consultants managed and coordinated the design, construction, and commissioning of an engineering capital project for a global pharmaceutical company. Sciras consultants successfully addressed compliance issues, remediate potential risks, and improve production capacity by applying their expertise in project management and technical assurance.




Engineering and Capital Projects


1.5 years


  • Program/Project Management
  • Engineering Design Support
  • Commissioning
  • Technical Documentation


A client’s production was temporarily shut down due to regulatory citations. Sciras services in project management, project engineering, and design support during the facility renovation were pivotal in addressing the compliance concerns and improving future manufacturing capacity.

Business Challenge

To ensure our client could continue operating successfully following several compliance concerns cited by a regulatory agency, Sciras consultants were brought in to remediate these issues and improve future manufacturing capabilities.

Our Approach

Sciras consultants worked with cross-functional teams to manage and coordinate project activities. This led to the development of the project charter, construction plan, and preventative maintenance task plans. They then provided construction supervision to track project progress, resolve problems, protect client assets, and ensure workers’ safety.

Due to the sensitive nature of our client’s project, our consultants were required to attend to multiple remediation activities simultaneously during the project phase.

Results Achieved

  • Successfully delivered project on schedule and within budget
  • Installation of a new HVAC system
  • Upgrades to walk-in refrigerators and incubators
  • Developed a list of critical project equipment/instruments for maintenance registration and calibration
  • Qualified and handed over the newly renovated production facility, along with upgraded equipment and systems, to production for use
  • Updated all relevant SOPs for proper operator training